Thursday 12 September 2013

*tock tock* Is this thing on?

I've decided to start a blog. I have lots of creative ideas and keep starting projects but never quite finish them. I'm hoping that by writing about them I'll end up finishing more of them, or at least getting them to a finished-ish state. So with out further ado...

Active projects

Makerbot Cupcake-o-Matic

This is my fairly successful attempt to convert my non-working Makerbot Cupcake into a working reliable 3D printer. I've largely finished this, it just needs the wires hiding to neaten the external appearance, of course it's not quite as simple as that but I'll save that for a subsequent post.

Prusa i3

Whilst the Cupcake-o-Matic works, and fairly reliable at that it does only have a 100mm x 100mm x 100mm build volume with a single extruder it's not very expandable. I do want to print large objects in multiple materials and so I began to construct a single sheet style Prusa i3. I have nearly all of the parts but I still need to print some and design some.

The Unnamed featherweight

I've been interested in combat robots since Robot Wars came out in 1998. I tried my hand at building a featherweight (12Kg max) class robot whilst at secondary school but it didn't work out at all. After reading Charles Guan's blog I've decided to have another go.


Of course a 12kg combat robot will need some motor controllers, so I resurrected some designs I've been playing around and started to update them for the featherweight class of robots, it has the preliminary specs of 2x 20Amp 50Volt motor controller with easy firmware updates.

Claymore MiniSumo

Another combat robot I've been designing is a small autonomous 500gram sumo bot, I like the idea of robots that control themselves, the start of Skynet as it were.

That is it

I'm going to concentrate on these 4 projects until I complete as many of them as possible. My ideas for other projects like: a gokart, a home server, home automation, an updated Wave Bubble are all going on hiatus.

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